Sarah McEvoy

I've always been drawn to photojournalism. My favourite photos tell a story, and they make you feel something. I want you to be able to look at your photos and remember what it felt like to be there - the hugs, the laughter, the emotions.
It's right up my alley to shoot natural and creative portraits, along with lots of documentary coverage of what's going down. If you believe that weddings are for celebrating love with the folks that mean the most to you, and not for posey photo shoots, then I'm your girl. The way I shoot at weddings is by responding to the action and surroundings; documenting the day, capturing natural moments, just noticing, paying attention.

Entrusting the photographing of your wedding day to someone is a big deal, and I would be honoured. If you like my photos then lets talk.

Mobile: 021 268 7609

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